you know you’r a bookaholic when …

21 نوفمبر

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

هذه مجموعة اقتباسات تعبر عني و عن اسم المدونة


و التي هي بمعنى ادمان الكتب

نستطيع ان نسميها اقتباسات أو دلائل على ادمان الكتب

you know you are a bookaholic

  • when You select your handbags based on whether they are big enough to fit a book
  • when you have spent your paycheck and then realize you forgot to buy groceries!
  • when You will allow your friends to borrow your books, but provide them with a list of do and do not’s!!

. . . . do not bend the pages down to mark your place!

. . . . do use a bookmark!

. . . . do not use a bookmark that will scratch up or rip the pages!

. . . . do take the cover off of my hardback book!!

. . . . do not let anyone else borrow it!

. . . . do bring it back better than when you borrowed it!

  • when you can’t leave a bookstore without buying something
  • When stay up all night looking online for new books to read and you don’t stop at ten books
  • when you go to a bookstore and realise you’ve read all the books in your favourite genre section
  • when you’re in class and hide your novel behind your textbook because you just couldn’t wait to read that next chapter

هذا بعض مما قرأته و اعجبني و ينطبق علي : ) هناك المزيد مما قرأت و لكن للحالات المتقدمة جداً !؟

أضف تعليق

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